Real Training. Real Results.

Most "trainers" in the area are glorified babysitters. They hit on the music and run 20+ kids through a mindless circuit stealing not only your hard earned money, but your kid's success. We provide the opposite: active coaching, small groups, and individualized programming. We simply care more.

The Mission

"We want to help as many athletes as possible reach their full potential.

In the process we can teach them how to use their success as a vehicle to transform their lives beyond sports."

Kevin Sampson, CSCS

Founder & Head Coach
Iron Hills Training LLC

The Methods

We use what’s called a Concurrent Training Model to get every ounce of potential out of our athletes. In a nutshell we combine various methods from strength, speed, agility, and plyometric training to bring up every attribute of the athlete.


We leave no stone unturned in athletic development.

The Results

"I have worked with Iron Hills Training since I was 11 years old and it has brought my strength to another level on the mat. I felt noticeably stronger in every position almost immediately.

Kevin is a huge reason I ended my high school career as a county champion, district champion, region champion, and state placer. He also helped me transition from high school wrestling to the Division 1 level at Cornell."

Joe Sciarrone
Cornell Wrestling

"I trained with Kevin for 3 summers and 3 winters during college. He was able to make me more explosive in my first step and significantly faster in sprints through endless sled drags and pushes.

As he pushed me to gain muscle and get better control of my body I was able to find a new level to my game.

Kevin not only made me a stronger athlete, but he also helped improve my confidence on the field."

Kelly Gaffney
Le Moyne Women's Lacrosse

"My evolution as an athlete has been boosted tremendously by working out with Coach Sampson. My performance on the football field continues to improve and my body is durable throughout the season.

Iron Hills Training is superior to any other sports performance program I’ve ever been a part of. The culture promotes you to be the best version of yourself both on and off the field."

Nick Alvarado
Bryant University Football

"Iron Hills Training is where you go when you want to figure out how much potential you really have. The workouts we did were functional and I always felt the carryover into lacrosse. Kevin cares and will push you to accomplish more than you thought possible."

Lucas Novak
Montclair State Lacrosse